Things to know when going for a Mountain Bike Adventure

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Mauritius is a great place to bring out your inner cyclist with the different cycling routes available all over the island. It offers some cycling trails for all kinds of people, from beginners and road adventurers to amateurs and professionals. Learn more about the important things to know when going for a Mountain bike adventure.

From beaches and coastal trails to mountain climbs and pedaling through fields of sugarcane, cycling in Mauritius is a fantastic way to get to know our tiny island and to stay fit! However, Mauritius has a tropical maritime climate, and in summer, temperature can rise above 30 ° C! Make sure to keep yourself well hydrated and fed and never cycle anywhere without bringing good water supplies and use sun protection. so. Also, be sure to check your gear and repair kit in advance, and bring a phone with you if you are riding alone.

When planning a cycling session make sure to check your gear before. Tires, breaks, gear shifters, and your repair kit all need to be checked so that you are ready for any unexpected surprises

On top on your bottle of water, some nutrition and your phone, we suggest to bring the following for a peaceful ride:

You will find all those accessories at Emcar Sports shops and online!

Planning the route for your Mountain Bike Adventure

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When going for a ride you have to plan your route so that you don’t lose time and get the most of your day.

Mauritius offers a variety of off-road tracks that will have you discover the island in a hidden way. There are great hill climbs and safe roads for the road adventurer as well as regular events in both disciplines. Whether you are into downhill, day trips or just a quick Saturday blast. You can be sure to find a trail that will fit your needs. With a vast landscape of sugarcane fields, there are also opportunities to raise your heart rate without having to commute too far.

Choosing the right mountain bike available in Mauritius

At Emcar Sports, we offer a wide range of GT bicycles and Cannondale bikes, USA brands manufactured by Dorel Industries. We bring the best quality and durable products. Check out our range of offer below:  

If you are looking for a good recreational bike, check out the GT Aggressor Comp & Aggressor Sport which is a lightweight mountain bike, featuring a strong and durable aluminum frame for casual, off-road discoveries. These lightweight hardtail mountain bikes are perfect for recreational cyclists eager to escape the pavement, and ready to cruise the path ahead with 75mm of front suspension for a plush and smooth ride. 

If you’re ready to revel in riding, go with the upper range, the Avalanche Sport and get ready to roll. This wallet-friendly mountain bike is designed to pursue new thrills with confidence. The stable and durable aluminum frame features internal cable routing to keep the frame looking clutter-free. Tektro hydraulic disc brakes provide controlled stopping power, and a locking 100mm front fork transitions smoothly from dirt trails to gravel paths for the rider that seeks efficiency, versatility and fun in an off-road hardtail design.

Check out also the Avalanche Comp, a well-rounded hardtail for eager mountain bikers who crave more progressive components to fast-track their learning curve and love for pedaling. The lightweight aluminum frame features GT’s Triple Triangle design for precise handling, with a 1x10 drivetrain for smooth, simplified shifting and a 100mm travel fork for reducing trail vibration and increasing traction control.

The choice is all yours and our salesman will be happy to help you choose the right bike!

What apparels to wear while mountain biking?

When cycling it is important to wear the appropriate apparel to enjoy a max your ride and to be safe. If you are looking for cycling accessories at Emcar Sports we have everything you need for your cycling experience. From head to toe, you will find helmets, jerseys, shorts, gloves and all kinds of cycling accessories.

When you are new to cycling, we strongly recommend starting with a helmet, very important for your security and gloves to be more comfortable. Once you get more experience, upgrade your equipment by adding a Multifllex Bib shorts for example constructed of panels with different stretch directions, conforming to the shape, position, and muscular movements of cyclists in motion. This allows support and compression exactly where it is needed, and extra flex where needed, resulting in a more effective and comfortable riding experience. We also recommend getting some jerseys and special shoes.

Post Ride Care: Servicing for Mountain Bikes

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Mountain bikes are all-terrain vehicles. Cycling in Mauritius includes the beaches and coastal trails to mountain climbs and pedaling through fields of sugarcane. This requires a special care to your bike, specifically when riding near saltwater, very corrosive to your bike and its components. Even if you don’t get splashed up with water from the shore, the ocean breeze can corrode your expensive alloy and carbon parts because of its saltwater saturation levels.

So, after your next adventure, follow these simple steps to keep your bike clean.

Step 1: Rinse with water
Step 2: Apply soap You can use just pour liquid soap onto your hands and manually apply the soap throughout the bike.
Step 3: Clean the suspension
Step 4: Brush the body
Step 5: Brush the tires
Step 6: Wash the brakes
Step 7: Rinse with water
Step 8: Use a chamois towel to dry the mountain bike & then a microfiber cloth to polish the dry bike and make the bike look sparkling clean.

Get some cleaning products for your bike in our shops. 

Looking for a bike servicing, check out our dedicated bike servicing page for more info 

Get your bike serviced at Emcar

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