Getting Started: Gear and Accessories for Tennis

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Have you been inspired by the recent impressive 14th Roland Garros won by the one and only Rafael Nadal? Do you finally want to get your equipment and accessories to start playing tennis! Follow this article to understand the full tennis equipment that you need for your 1st lesson!

New to Tennis? Understand what equipment you need

Tennis Racket: If you are a beginner, the most important aspect when choosing your racket is the weight. Start with a light racket which you will find easier to swing and will therefore be able to play for longer before tiring. At Emcar Sports, we recommend the Babolat Tennis Racket Boost Drive, with its powerful and easy-to-play frames, lightweight (260 g) and therefore adapted to new players. Are you also looking for a tennis racket for your kids? Check out the Babolat Tennis Racket Ballfighter 19 or the Babolat Tennis Racket Ballfighter 21, perfect for the young tennis men and tennis women!

Tennis shoes: the tennis shoes will depend on the surface of which you will play. The most important thing to remember is, when purchasing a new pair of tennis shoes, is the fit. We recommend the Babolat Shoes Pulsion All Court available for Men and Women designed for all tennis enthusiasts looking for lightness, resistance and comfort on all types of surfaces. More advanced models are also available such as the  Babolat Shoes Jet Tere for men , the very aerated mesh is well adapted to the Mauritian weather while maintaining a good compromise between lightness, comfort and agility or the Babolat Shoes Propulse Blast Ac for Women, with reinforcements for increased durability.

Tennis Wear: Choose tennis clothes in which you will be comfortable and which will not impact your movement. Check out our range of Babolat shorts, skirts, tee-shirts or Polo shirts for men and women and be ready to hit the courts!

Tennis balls: Start with the Dunlop Balls Mini Tennis, perfect for beginners or kids. Once comfortable, switch to Dunlop Balls Club All Court, perfect for all levels of players.

Tennis Equipment for experienced players

You already have a good level in tennis and want to get the best racket? Check out our range of advanced rackets recommended to get your game to a new level!

The Babolat Pure Strike Team: with this 3rd generation of Pure Strike, the sharp control is engineered to meet the demands of aggressive hard-hitting players, as it combines pure feel and dynamic control through lighter weight in an easier-to-manoeuvre package.

In the Babolat Pure Aero, Babolat has created the first racquet engineered specifically for spin via the world's first aerodynamic frame! Year after year, Babolat teamed up with top players such as Rafael Nadal to develop this amazing racket that will help you to dominate all your opponents! Want to test it?

In the Pure aero range, fall also for the Pure Aero Rafa… Close to the PURE AERO with extra combativeness, resistance, and mind of steel... just like Rafa himself!

Finally, discover the Pure Aero Team. Very close to the PURE AERO, the Pure Aero Team features the same great access to spin, but is lighter and faster through the air.

Accessories making the difference: Vibration Dampeners and grips

It is very important to be perfectly comfortable when playing tennis! Don’t forget to get the Babolat dampeners to attenuate the vibration and be in perfect conditions to play and the grips and overgrips to get the best comfort and absorption.

Now that you have everything you need, shop online or visit one of our shops to gear up in Babolat and get on the court!

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