Babolat Badminton Racket X Feel Origin Lite


Emcar Sport Babolat badminton Racket X Feel Origin Lite

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Finally an accessible professional racquet! X-Feel Origin is the racquet that corrects inaccuracies to help you improve. Check out the X-Feel Origin Lite designed for intensive play: imparting speed to your play without compromising on precision. Its balanced weight and flexible shaft let players retain full manoeuvrability, emphasising stroke speed: ideal for defensive play.


EXTREME CONTROL: Carbon X-Trem technology gives the racquet optimal stroke control through total frame stability in the face of even the most extreme distortions.

PRECISION AND SENSATION: The racquet's frame was designed and created to offer increased stiffness to reduce distortions and give greater sensation during rallies.

CARBON X-TREM: Total stability in the face of even the most extreme distortions

X-FEEL TEK: Stiffer frame: reduced distortion for greater sensation.

Technical Characteristics

-Player Typology: Defensive

-Weight: 83 g +/- 3g

-Flexibility: Flexible

-Balance: 290 mm

-Balance Type: -15 Even Balance

-Length: 27 in

-Head shape: Powerful Head Size

-Stringing Pattern: 20/21

-Tension Recommended: 8-12 Kg

-Composition: Hot-Melt Graphite

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