Babolat Padel Racket Technical Veron


Emcar Sport Babolat Racket Technical Veron

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We all want to score points… We all are STRIKERS! 

This racket is for technical strikers who want to drive the game and use both skills and strength to make the difference. The Technical Veron gives both dynamic power and preciseness in attacking shots.

Wanting to play with a carbon racket but you always feel it too stiff? Don't get to optimize carbon's explosiveness? To help you, Babolat has developed this racket with the unique CARBON FLEX technology. Try it and you will discover a brand new feeling called dynamic power. Now you also have access to the power of the carbon.

The TECHNICAL STRIKER has to be decisive in every attacking shots. To do so, precision is mandatory. Thanks to its holes pattern adapted to its diamond shape, this racquet will make your shots as decisive as a surgical strike.

Padel is above all a game that you should be able to play without any apprehension. Babolat know that racquet's stiffness can cause discomfort for some player's arm. This is why Babolat's D team worked to reduce risks of injury and came out with a new technology. The VIBRABSORB SYSTEM, Powered by SMAC, is made with an elastomer material integrated in the racquet's construction. Play safer with more comfort on each shot.

Technical Characteristics

Player Typology: Technical Striker

Head Shape: Diamond

Composition: FRAME: Carbon / SURFACE: Carbon Flex / CORE: Black EVA

Weight: 365 g +/- 10g

Thickness: 38 mm

Balance Type: Head Heavy

Recommended Grip: Syntec Pro

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