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The Pure Drive Team model is similar to the classic model, but has 15 grams less in order to provide more manoeuvrability. The blue, black and white Pure Drive look is both elegant and modern.

This Team model offers 285 grams of weight and a balance of 32cm in order to bring power and manoeuvrability to all players who are not looking for a 300 gram racquet. The very stiff (72 Ra) will deform very little at impact, but will be able to reproduce a maximum amount of energy to allow you to create punishing shots! What's the result ? This is a powerful racquet that will enable you to generate heavier shots in order to easily move your opponents around.

The material comes from the aerospace industry. 

The SMACWRAP was integrated into the graphite in order to reduce vibrations and optimise comfort. The 16 x 19 string pattern is provided with FSI technology (Frame String Interaction Technology) and is tightened to increase string reactivity when your strings come in contact with the ball. 


EASY POWER: You told us you need power to support your game, so we made this racquet even better for you and developed a new concept we called effortless power. Thanks to its new lay-up, brand new 16/17 string pattern and its 104 sq. in. headsize, we guarantee you it has never been that easy to make a powerful stroke.

Cortex Pure Feel : Babolat and SMAC (French Aerospace Company) have added the SMACWRAP material (used in the aerospace industry) to the racquet to reduce vibrations. This material is integrated into the frame’s graphite to reduce vibrations and obtain a better sound when you strike the ball. 

GT Technology: high density carbon fibre will bring optimal resistance for more power and control

ELLIPTIC FRAME: Elliptical frame structure with optimal resistance and overall rigidity for phenomenal power.

WOOFER SYSTEM: The first and most effective frame-string interaction system that provides a longer ball and string contact time for greater control and comfort.


-Weight unstrung: 10.1 oz / 285 g

-Technology: Cortex Pure Feel, FSI Power, GT Technology, Elliptic Beam

-Composition: Graphite

-Head Size: 99.98 in² / 645 cm²

-Length: 26.97 in / 68.5 cm

-Stiffness: 72 RA

-Balance unstrung: 12.6 in / 32 cm

-Beam Width: 23-26-23 mm

-String Pattern: 16x19

-Grip: Syntec Pro
Choose easily you racket : 

Take the racket in your hand. 

Between your middle finger and your palm you need to have enough space to slip a finger or a bit less, approximately 1cm. 

If you are between two grip sizes, always choose the smaller one as you could increase the size with an overgrip. 

For kids (less than 11 years), the grip size will always be 0

For women, the grip size are generally 0, 1 or 2 with an average of 2.

For teenagers, the grip size are generally 2 or 3.

For men, the average is 3.

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