Dunlop Padel Racket Aero-Star Junior

Code: Dunlop Padel Racket Aero Star Junior

Dunlop Aero-Star Junior Padel Racket - Ideal for Kids! Lightweight, Power, Control & Comfort. Graphite Frame, Easy to Play. Shop now on

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Equip your young champion with the Dunlop Aero-Star Junior Padel Racket! 

This padel racket is specifically designed for young players starting out. The lightweight Graphite Frame makes it easy to swing, while the hybrid headshape offers a large sweetspot for improved control and extra power. The straight hole distribution helps them develop consistent strokes, laying a strong foundation for their padel journey. 

The Dunlop Aero-Star Junior provides the perfect features for young players: 
  • Lightweight Graphite Frame for effortless swings.
  • Hybrid headshape for easy control and boosted power. 
  • Large sweetspot for more consistent shots. 
  • Straight hole pattern for improved shot consistency.
  • Low-density EVA core for a comfortable feel and easy maneuverability. 
  • Lightweight power for effortless swings with impressive power. 

Technical specs of Dunlop’s Aero-Star Junior Racket 
  • Series: Junior 
  • Headshape: Hybrid 
  • Balance: Medium 
  • Thickness / Profile: 36mm 
  • Weight: 320g 
  • Core: Soft Eva 

Fuel their passion for padel with the Dunlop Aero-Star Junior!

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