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Thursday 17th March 2022

In golf, having the right clubs and the accurate fit makes a very important difference in your Golf Game. In your golf fitting session with Emcar Sports, we will determine which loft, lie angle, shaft flex, head design, length and grips your clubs will need to best suit your game. The combination of all those elements will give you a better overall swing experience, greater accuracy and control, increased distance and improved ball flight.

How to book my Callaway fitting session?

Get in touch with Edouard, our golf expert

Tel: +230 59444625


Where does it take place?

Anywhere around the island, upon request. 

Is golf fitting made for me?

Many beginners and amateur golfers wrongly believe that their level is too low to get their club fitted. This is a big misconception: learning to play golf with poorly fit equipment is a huge barrier on both the improvement and the enjoyment of the sport. Let’s say that is like learning to ride a bike which is too small or too big for you! 
At Emcar Sport, we therefore strongly advice golfers of any level to get their clubs fitted with our professionals! 

How does it work?

  • Contact Edouard to schedule your custom golf club fitting session and bring your clubs to the scheduled location
  • Choose which type of club you want to test in your session: Driver wood and/or Iron and/or Putter
  • Our fitter begins by analyzing your performance with your current set of clubs with both static and dynamic measurements of your golf swing
  • You’ll hit your clubs and then we’ll work to outperform your set by testing new combinations
  • You will choose the clubs you want to order based on your fitting session & we will place the order with Callaway
  • We will get in touch once the order is delivered 
  • You’re a now ready to play your best game!

Session pricing 

Rs. 2,000 per type of club (Driver wood, Iron, Putter).

The amount will be deducted if you place your order at the end of the session.

Book your session with Edouard, our golf expert and get ready to swing like a pro!

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