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Babolat's authorized distributor in Mauritius is Emcar Sports. Rafael Nadal is the brand's top ambassador, and Babolat is the oldest multinational firm specializing in racquet sports in the world. They offer the greatest equipment for tennis, padel, and badminton.

Babolat, a quick history overview

In 1875, one year after tennis was born, the young Pierre Babolat, started to create racquet strings from sheep intestines in Lyon, his home town in France. At the time, this process was considered revolutionary. Babolat continued to focus on developing and improving the strings via various pioneer technologies until 1994 expanding to tennis frames. Today, with almost 150 years of experience, the French brand has the same goal in mind: now offering players the best quality equipment combining both enjoyment and performance ! So gear up with rackets, clothing, shoes and accessories for your next Tennis, Padel, Badminton game with Babolat, brought to you Mauritius by Emcar Sports.

Babolat tennis

The Pure Drive 

The Pure Drive was actually the name of the 1st tennis frame developed in 1994! In 2022, this Pure drive is still and iconic and internationally best-selling racquet. Shop the The 10th generation of the Pure Drive and take your game to the next level with point-ending explosive power and increased feel.

The Pure Aero 

The Pure Aero range, firstly released in 2003 is the world’s first aerodynamic frame adapted to modern playing styles adopted by Rafael Nadal. Discover the Aero range here rackets here.

The Pure Strike

In 2014, the Babolat Pure Strike tennis racquet enters the game. With its innovative design, its offers responsiveness, power, control and more accuracy for attack-minded players.

Babolat Padel Racket and Balls

Our Babolat padel racquets are suitable for all levels of players, whether you're searching for precision, handling, or resistance. They have the explosive power of carbon fiber, the easy power of fiberglass, or the optimum balance of both. No matter if you are a regular player, or just for fun, get the best padel racquet for you.

The Reflex

The Reflex racket- Perfect if you start the game and want to facilitate your improvement!

The Technical Vertuo

The Technical Vertuo racquet gives both easy power and preciseness in attacking shots and is perfect for the technical strikers who want to drive the game and use both skills and strength to make the difference.

The Air Vertuo

The Air Vertuo provides easy power with an extreme maneuverability.

Babolat Badminton Gear available in Mauritius

It was in 2009 than Babolat expands its horizons and launches its first badminton racket. If you are a beginner looking for the ideal racquet to help you improve, an intermediate or an elite player looking for the best badminton equipment, we have what you need! 

The X-Feel, Satelite, Pulse power and Pulse II rackets have been specially designed to match each player's skill level and game type.

Babolat shoes, clothing & accessories

In 2003, Babolat started to develop its first tennis shoes, in partnership with the renowned French brand Michelin, the global expert in grip technologies! Since then, Babolat has become a leader in clothing, footwear and accessories for all racket sports.

Shop the best Babolat tennis full outfit, Badminton and Padel indoor shoes, grips, dampeners, or bags... and get ready to win your next match!

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