Babolat Grip Syntec Pro X1


Emcar Sport Babolat tennis racket grip Syntec Pro

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The Syntec Pro is the grip used by most professional players on the circuit, who've been swearing by it for years. And it's with them in mind that we've developed this absorbent grip allowing you to really feel the handle for extra control. Now you can enjoy the same feeling.Team BABOLAT pro players may play with a customized or different model than the equipment depicted. 

This is our bestselling replacement grip as it's one of the most absorbent in our range. But if you perspire heavily when you play, we suggest you add an overgrip on top for extra absorption. 

This 1.9 mm grip is designed to give you balanced contact with the handle – neither too direct nor too comfortable. The Syntec Pro grip provides better racquet control thanks to its tacky feel that improves the traction. 

Characteristics of Babolat Syntec Pro Grips 
  • Sport - All Sports 
  • Type - Feel 
  • Absorption Level - 4/5 
  • Thickness - 1.9 mm 
  • Length - 110 cm 
  • Composition - Unwoven, 40% PA and 60% PETPolyurethane 
  • Made In - China

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