Babolat Padel Racket Technical Viper

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Get your Technical Viper Padel Racket from Babolat at Emcar Sports or on Emcarshop. Limited stock available.

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Explosive power and precision behind every attacking shot. Technical Strikers dominate the game by harnessing their technique and strength. 

The Technical Viper has evolved, balancing the same level of power with improved comfort. 

Become a TECHNICAL STRIKER. Nail the three-metre smash from anywhere. 

Benefits of Babolat's Technical Viper

You needed power, we give you explosiveness. At the highest intensity, thanks to the combination of the carbon surface and the X-EVA technology, you will discover an explosive power inexperienced before. Make the difference and overpower your opponents. 

The TECHNICAL STRIKER has to be decisive in every attacking shots. To do so, precision is mandatory. Thanks to its holes pattern adapted to its diamond shape, this racquet will make your shots as decisive as a surgical strike. 

Above all, padel should be an accessible game. We know that rigid racquets can cause arm discomfort for some players. Our R&D team has therefore been working to reduce the risk of injury. The new VIBRABSORB SYSTEM² technology, Powered by SMAC, allows for optimal absorption of vibrations, thanks to a combination of elastomers that are integrated into the carbon fibres in the centre and handle of the racquet. 

A versatile system that allows players to customize strap size or completely remove the wrist strap. 

Powered by SMAC technology, this system allows optimal vibration absorption thanks to a combination of elastomers integrated into the carbon fibers at the heart of the racquet. It also includes FOAM in the core of the racquet and/or elastomers in the handle providing optimal shock absorption. 

Raised patterns on the racquet surface combined with a rough finishing allows you to hit with more spin and increases your control.

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