Cornilleau Rackets Tacteo Duo Pack (2 Bat + 3 Balls) G3

Code: Cornilleau Rackets Tacteo Duo Pack

Cornilleau Tacteo Bundle Table Tennis Racket with 3 balls for outdoor use. The bundle is available at Emcar Sports and on

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The Tacteo Composite Duo set consists of two bats and three balls and is perfect for recreational use.

The Tacteo bats from Cornilleau are a perfect combination of technological innovation and design. These bats were designed for outdoor use and are both waterproof and shock resistant with a soft touch grip.
They are ideal bats for all age groups and offer advantages in terms of game performance.

This range has been recently updated and includes a new bat covering incorporating the Grip + concept. The Tacteo bats can be washed regularly using soapy water to eliminate dirt and perspiration.

Also includes 3 Cornilleau Pro balls.

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