Cornilleau Table Indoor 100 Blue


Cornilleau Table Indoor 100 Blue is available at Emcar Sports and on Emcarshop

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For its entry-level ping-pong table, Cornilleau offers an ideal table for family games. The SPORT ONE INDOOR is perfectly suited for playing table tennis at home. Designed for leisure use, its optimized COMPACT TECHNOLOGY storage system makes it very easy to use. This ping pong table is truly a friend of the family. Like its twin OUTDOOR model, it has approval from the FFTT (French Table Tennis Association) for leisure use. 

Cornilleau Table Indoor 100's features

Good bounce 
This table offers a good bounce thanks to a 19mm panel. Indoor panels are made of chipboard and offer good bounce properties. The thicker the panel (from 19 to 25mm) better the bounce. 

Adjustable Net (Tension) 
Easily adjust the net's tension to keep it straight at all time. 

Wheels “indoor” 
Double large and dented wheels provide easier handling. 

Adjustable leg pads 
This table is equipped with adjustable leg pads (50mm diameter) to get a flat playing surface on all grounds.

The frame is made of a zinc and aluminium alloy. This 30mm thick structure ensures a good flatness of the panel

Table dimension (playing position):  274 x 152 x 76 cm (net posts not included) (L x W x H)

*Accessories sold seperately.

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