Cornilleau Table Sport Indoor 300 Blue


Cornilleau Table Sport Indoor 300 Blue is available at Emcar Sports and on Emcarshop

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The 300 Indoor table combines the excellent rebound achieved through good quality chipboard tops with the robustness inspired by outdoor tables. Ideal for those who want to play table tennis on a regular basis. 

This table benefits from Cornilleau's COMPACT TECHNOLOGY storage system and patented DSI folding system for ease of use. This model also has leg levellers and 2 of the wheels have brakes. It is the ideal choice for family table tennis tournaments and is also a popular option for schools. 

*All accessories are sold separately. 

Features of the Cornilleau 300 Indoor Table

Foldable and adjustable net 
Once the table has been assembled and the net fitted, it will remain perfectly taut for a long time. However, it can easily be adjusted when required. When closed, the net posts can be folded in reducing the storage space. 

Ultra simple adjustment of the legs 
It is easy to adjust the height of the legs on the 300 Indoor table. Simply turn the knob to level your table without effort. This simple operation, makes it easy to get the table level on an uneven surface. The adjustment knob is not in direct contact with the floor removing the need to lift the leg. Simple and effective. 

Ball storage 
The 300 Indoor table has built-in ball storage enabling you to store 4 balls. Located on each side of the table, this storage allows you to always have balls on hand and to start a game whenever you want. 

Playing Experience 

Good bounce quality 
The 18mm high density chipboard panels of the 300 Indoor table ensure a good bounce allowing for serious table tennis training. 

A deep frame for better stability 
The deep 50 mm high frame of the 300 Indoor table ensures the playing surface is both stable and flat. The Aluzinc® material is corrosion resistant providing robustness and durability for many years to come. 

Special indoor double wheels 
The double wheels of the 300 Indoor table allow it to be moved easily on indoor surfaces. Their material and design ensure that there is no risk of damage to soft floors such as those in sports halls. 

Safety and Durability 

A unique locking system 
The 300 Indoor table has 16 locking points. When in the playing or storage position, it remains locked in place. This patented system provides an unequalled level of security, well above regulatory requirements. The table is opened and closed easily with a central handle and benefits from an additional safety feature by locking at 65° if the handle is no longer held when the table is unfolded. 

Two brakes 
The two brakes on the 300 Indoor table ensure that, even on a sloping floor, your table will stay in place when you play and when it is folded for storage. 

Corner protection pads 
Soft, rubber, protection pads are used to round off the corners and soften the bumps that could occur against the table for maximum child safety. Your hips will thank you for choosing a table equipped with corner protectors. 

The compact table: less space, more safety 
Designed by Cornilleau, the COMPACT TECHNOLOGY® folding system makes it easier to open and close your table. This system reduces the risk of tipping and prevents children from getting between the tops in the storage position. Once folded, it provides ease of handling and reduced storage space.

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