Dunlop Padel Racket Galactica Pro 12K Carbon

Code: Dunlop Padel Racket Galactica Pro

Dunlop Galactica Pro Padel Racket - Unleash power, control & spin with 12K Carbon, Tri-Max & rough surface. Advanced player racket for maximum performance.

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Unleash your full potential on the court with the Dunlop Galactica Pro Padel Racket! 

This high-performance padel racket boasts a super-premium 12K Carbon construction for unmatched consistency and power in every shot. The Tri-Max reinforcement provides exceptional stability for ultimate control, while the 45° Face lay-up unlocks peak performance for advanced players. 

Dominate the game with unparalleled control: 
Experience a 360° design for optimal structural reinforcement at the blade's base, maximizing stability and control. 

Generate devastating spin:
Land more penetrating shots with the rough surface that enhances spin effect. 

Power, control, and comfort, all in one: 
Unleash a perfect blend of power, control, and comfort with a medium-density EVA core, a triple-layer face fabric lay-up, and Dunlop's unique resin system. 

Enhanced durability and structural strength: 
Experience a revolutionary horizontal, vertical, and diagonal hole pattern that optimizes structural strength alongside the 12K carbon face. 

Feel the difference:
A modified 12K carbon lay-up across the hitting area delivers a firmer feel on impact for precise shot control. 

Technical specs of Dunlop’s Galactica Pro Padel Racket 
  • Series: Pro 
  • Headshape: Hybrid 
  • Balance: High 
  • Thickness / Profile: 38mm 
  • Weight: 370g 
  • Core: PRO EVA 

Upgrade your padel game with the Dunlop Galactica Pro and dominate the competition!

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